In-between : Part 1

Hey Girlies,

I am going to write a small intro for you to get in the plot so you won’t have any questions regarding Dylan’s Past.


Dylan is currently going back to London for two weeks for spring break. She texted with her ex-boyfriend. Who knows maybe meeting Will again will question her who she likes? After being forced to move back to US they broke up, but Will still has feelings left and so does Dylan… Those two weeks are going to be fireworks, especially when somebody shows up very unexpectedly…


Miami International Airport


I am currently seated in the American Airlines 77-200 plane in a window seat. We are taking off in 20 minutes to London, as my O.P.I liquid sand covered nails are typing this up. I am so excited to finally see the girls and well *you know who* back in London and to shop at Harrods! I have missed that place so much, with all the exclusive deals just for me, I just can’t wait!

The whole thing with Camden stresses me out so much. I don’t even understand what’s happening anymore. One night we are skyping and texting each other flirty messages, and then next day he made certainly no attempts to talk to me or even approach me. After all things are about to get exciting for me, because I am going to see my adorable English ex-bf, Will, and he is definitely going in my Snapchat Story and Instagram. And who knows maybe we may kiss again?

Marvil Estate, Knightsbridge, London


 I was taking a long shower after arriving home, when my phone which was playing “Locked out of Heaven” suddenly started ringing. It kind of got me back to earth and i quickly cleaned the foggy glass to see who is calling me. A picture of Will’s gorgeous green eyes showed up and my arm around him. I wanted to jump out of shower answer as quickly as I can, but I didn’t know what to say…And you know Let ’em boys wait

When Will usually speaks with his dreamy voice it makes me feel lost for words, so he always laughs with his deep, sexy laugh after I am silent for a while trying to get myself to speak.

I wait for the call to end, and my phone beeps twice which indicates that I have a voicemail. Still wet from the shower I grab my phone. Insert the password. Click on the Phone icon and press on the voicemail box, it starts playing it. In his sexy growl he says “Dyl hope your flight was okay and if you are free I want to meet you for branch at 12:00 at Café Grande? I already reserved us a table. I have missed u..” after a long silence he whispers “a lot” and he hangs up. I have realised that tears started welling in my eyes, I have missed him so much. It reminded me of our late night walks and sneaking out of school to make out.

After standing there in my bathroom and flicking through memories with him, I quickly  dried myself, brushed my teeth , put some mascara on and VS berry flavoured lip gloss. I rushed off to my closet, while quickly typing him a message that I will be there. I guess I wanted to impress him with my new body for which I spent hours at the gym with a personal trainer, but what if he thinks I dressed up too much or what if he met someone after we broke up?..after pushing away those thoughts I decided to wear darkwashed J-Brand jeans, see through Chanel patterned sneakers and put on CapsLock Shop “Céline” sweatshirt. I grabbed my Givenchy tote with me and found my iPhone on my bed. After that I rushed off downstairs still having ten minutes to get to Harrods and the Cafe. I shouted to Ginna, our housekeeper that I am going out and now going to be back till later  and went outside letting the door slam behind me.

Outside I could feel the sun shining and quickly digged in my tote to find aviator Ray-Bans with mirrored silver frames, I quickly slipped them on. I slowly walked through street of London, looking around mothers with their babies , people walking around sipping their Starbucks. I finally arrived to Brompton road, the street roared with car horns and people shouting. I sped down to the crossing near Harrods, as crossed the street my mind filled with possibilities of conversations with Will, he was being friendly and  adorably in his texts , but he never mentioned any interest in Dylan more than a friends. I finished crossing and turned right to the street where Café Grande is. I was looking for him, but couldn’t see anything because of crowds of people. As I finally made my way to the cafe I saw him standing there adorably with a huge bouquet of pale pink roses. I stood staring at him shell shocked, soon he spotted me and I run to hug him, slipping my aviators off on the way. We stood hugging each other  for what felt like an eternity, until he whispered in my ear ” Do you want to go inside gorgeous?” . I pulled back and laughed while he gave me the flowers and smiled making with his cute dimples, then it changed into a smirk. I was smelling the flowers all the way to our table; When we got seated I finally put them down and looked up to find him seizing me up and dow. He held my gaze with his green eyes with the longest eyelashes ever and I saw something in his eyes, and I realized..

We are never going to be just friends again…




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I hope you enjoyed my new plot and tell me if not:)

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-Return of Dylan Marvil-

Hello to you my dear Readers!

As you know I have been absent for nearly a year now!

And I am really really sorry, it just I have had a lot of trouble at home and at school, Everything kind of turned in a whirlwind of events and WordPress wasn’t the best idea at the time. And I am truly sorry for this. How they say is Life has been a roller-coaster!



I have come back with tons of new events and info to tell you!

1) Dylan is now attending Oakswood Academy in Miami, FL

2) Dylan’s current love is Cameron and they are currently not dating, they are not friends either. It’s how you say Acquaintance and something more ❤ For him I face claim Jack Harries❤


3) She and Massie go to the same school, but after OCD finished the rest of the PC went to Westchester High. But Massie’s and Dylan’s parents decided to enroll their children to the prestigious school in Florida.

4) They have a new group called DAMN – Dylan Marvil, Alice King, Massie Block and Nicole Stone. The girls all live in Golden Beach, they carpool to school together and they gossip all the time. They are schools divas! Everyone envies them

5) Dylan loves playing tennis now, she is battling between gym, starbucks shaken passion ice tea lemonade and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream


6)Dylan’s favorite color in turquoise or Essie’s mint candy apple

And I think thank about it for now, I am currently working on another post it will probably be done in a week or maybe two, because I currently have eye problems and I am not allowed in computer for too long:(

Until Later girls,



A little update :)

Hey Girlies ❤

I wanted to tell you that I updated nearly all pages on my blog , so they are all professional and fashionable..that’s quiet a rhyme 🙂 I though that I haven’t updated them for a long time and decided to update.

♛Me, Myself and Time♛




I hope you will enjoy my blog, which now looks nicer!

Also I would like you to give me some feedback on what I have to improve to make it better and better every time 🙂

Only if you have some time ❤

-Marvil Princess ❤

Hello Dolls x

You all probably think that I sit in cold Westchester?

Well, no xx I am currently driving my white Lexus and sipping my Triple Caramel Frappuchino.


 Kristen and Claire are sitting at the back flipping through June issue of Teen Vogue and making a shopping list on my iPad notes app, while Leesh is stuck at Starbucks buying us some fruits for the journey. I have just talked to Massie and she said that she will send us directions to her house in a few minutes.

“Naive” by The Kooks is blasting through the car dynamics..

“Oh you’re so naive yet so
How could this been done…”

Leesh ran to us and joined in. I turned on the engine and drived through the driveway on the M25  route to Hampstead.


2 long hours later…



I asked Leesh to chat with me, but she was already too busy flipping through We Heart It on her iPad mini x

and so did Kristen, only Claire was free. I asked her if she is alright, but for reply I only got a “um..yeah”.  Obviously.  She was texting Cam.
So now I am left on my own for the next..I glance at the monitor..1.5 hours drive to Hampstead.
I was so bored that I questioned my Siri till it brushed me off. Among my questions were :
-“Why don’t you marry me?”
-“Call Ariana Grande”
-“Read me a book”
-“Who do you like more Justin Bieber or Justin Timberlake?”
and so on…
After the whole game I got a beep from my car computer that I have to I stopped on the nearest gas station and asked a boy, he was such a cutie, to refuel the car for me. He had brown hair, which became golden under the sun, his name is Brian, he is going to Hamptons with his family! He asked for my number, and invited me to meet him at the Lane Avenue, where he lives. Yay!
What a coincidence, isn’t it?

♥ To Be Noted ♥

I know this was kind of a short post, but I have exams this week x Oh..wish me Good Luck xx
So Let’s Start!
-I have been tagged in Liebster Award by Out On A Leesh
-I am finally in Hampons!
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Hey x

I am currently sitting on my sky-sblue chair near the window, with revision folder in my hands. I am so depressed about exams. The whole next week, can you imagine? My first exam is Maths, so now I am revising Algebra, because it’s the hardest topic. I asked Kristen for help, but she only have me a web-site.


I know that the exams are really important, because they are end of year exams in the middle school. So the results will go to my High School and everything will depend on my grades.

Well, I don’t really pay a lot of attention in class, but I still understand that exams are important! So I want to give you some tips for your exam revision.

1. Short bursts of revision (20-25 minutes) are most effective. Your concentration lapses after about an hour and you need to take a short break (5-10 minutes). After the break go back and test yourself on the work you have revised by answering an examination question or producing a mind map or simply writing down what you remember.

2. Find a quiet place to revise – your bedroom, school, the library – and refuse to be interrupted or distracted.

3. Make sure you don’t just revise the subjects and topics you like. Work on your weaker ones as well.

4. Make your own revision notes because you will remember what you have written down more easily. Stick key notes to cupboards or doors so you see them everyday.

5. Rewrite the key points of your revision notes; read them out loud to yourself. We remember more than twice as much of what we say aloud than of what we merely read.

6. Use different techniques. Make your own learning maps, use post-it notes to write key words on, create flash cards. Record your notes on I Players or mobiles and listen to them back. Ask friends and family to test you or text questions to each other. Use highlighter pens to mark important points. Chant or make up a rap song.

7. Practise on past exam papers or revision tests available on the web Initially do one section at a time and progress to doing an entire paper against the clock.

8. You will need help at some stage, ask parents, older brothers and sisters, teachers or friends. If there is a teacher with whom you get on well at school ask for their e-mail address so you can clarify points you are unsure of whilst on study leave. Use websites specifically designed for revision.

9. Don’t get stressed out! Eat properly and get lots of sleep!

10. Believe in yourself and be positive. If you think you can succeed you will; if you convince yourself that you will fail, that’s what will probably happen.

Hope that these tips helped you 🙂


and Good Luck with your exams loves xx

-Dylan x

I chew and fly…

Hey Girls:) This is a short post )) A huge one is gonna be up soon)))

I sat on my king-size bed and looked at my new iPhone case…It was so relaxing and Russian-like..I quickly remembered my summer holidays at islands with that russian tennis “princess”


At the second I sipped my cinnamon latte from Starbucks, by phone beeped. “Mummy” was calling me the 15th time, I still couldn’t forgive her for sending me here… I slid my freshly manicured finger over the arrow which showed on the right and slid it as it said on the screen.


My mum’s hard-working and tired voice said ; “Love I know you are really angry, but you might want to hear some news which will cheer you up..”


-“You have a plane which is departing in 2 hours and it goes in direction of USA…but before going to Westchester, you will go to Miami…I am sorry but your sister has to be dropped there..Aren’t you cheered up? I decided that it is so hard for you to move in the middle of the year, so I though that I will leave you there until you finish middle school”

-“ARE YOU BEING SERIOUS RIGHT NOW THERE? OR YOU ARE DRUNK??”- I srieked with delight . I was jumping all over my bed!!

-“I am ..When was the last time I got drunk? I suppose it was about 15 years ago…Don’t you have a super-star mother?”

_”I do!! You are the best mum ever!! I gotta go and pack!!Bye”

-Bye sweet-heart!”

I put my phone down and was about to call Massy and the PC,as the lights went down and the door bell rung in the hall…I looked in the darkness, through all I could see was my gloomy room…


Sorry about this short post, but aren’t you happy? I am coming back to Westchester 🙂

To be Noted:

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I update VIP Room, everyone can request the access. Well not if you are a complete EW and will copy my ideas))


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Les Vacances de Printemps…

Hi! I am currently standing near the Pinkberry stall grabbing another gingerbread fro-yo. As I poke my freshly manicured finger, covered in a O.P.I DS magic, on the yummy toppings, I look at the sales man with Tommy Hilfiger bags.


So now we need to move on….

In this post I want to tell you about the summer work-outs and how to be prepared for summer in every single way!

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